Maxwell Foods Condell Park, Australia proudly announces a significant stride towards sustainability with the successful implementation of a solar power initiative at its Condell Park facility.

Concerned with peak energy supply and environmental impact, we have embarked on a mission to reduce our reliance on the grid while enhancing operational efficiency. Part of this is our just completed installation of 731 solar panels atop our Condell Park operation, marking a pivotal moment in our commitment to sustainability.

Supported by a strategic government rebate totalling $45,000, we have invested a further $100,000 in this project. The initiative is projected to yield substantial annual savings of approximately $21,180.22, while offsetting 3000 tonnes of carbon emissions throughout its lifespan.

Jesse Bow, Operations Manager at Condell Park, expressed excitement over the transformative impact of the solar integration. “This initiative not only enables us to enhance our operational throughput without peak constraints but also underscores our dedication to environmental stewardship.”

What is a seemingly small thing to do, the environmental benefits of our solar initiative are profound, with the potential to offset the equivalent of planting 78,575 trees or mitigating the effects of 1,483,850 kg of coal.

Bow emphasized the importance of meticulous planning and collaboration with expert service providers in realising the endeavour. “Our partnership with Power Saving Solutions was instrumental in developing a solution that not only reduces carbon emissions but also ensures near-neutral cash flow over the term of our four-year loan.”

This milestone is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and operational excellence and we are rolling the initiative across all our facilities globally.

We are dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions that not only drive business efficiencies but also contribute positively to the environment and the community at large.