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Making Really Good Food

Your Global Partner in Healthy Snacking Solutions

We are an Australian family-owned, global food company, partnering with retailers and manufacturers worldwide to deliver quality, sustainable, nutritious snacks at affordable prices.

What guides us

Farming Alliances


With 40+ years of experience, we’ve nurtured enduring partnerships with growers globally, including strong ties with Turkish apricot and vine fruit cultivators.

Procurement Excellence


Our expert sourcing and procurement team boast extensive networks, ensuring access to the finest market offerings. We are able to adapt swiftly to climatic and economic conditions to ensure a seamless and continuous supply chain.

Processing and Manufacturing

Processing & Manufacturing

We operate state-of-the-art facilities in Turkiye, Thailand, and Australia, developing high-quality fruit, nut, and healthy snack products. All our products are available at competitive prices worldwide.

Exceptional Service


Our dedication to on-time delivery (DIFOT), superior communication, quality, and pricing will delight you. With multiple global facilities, we are always ready to provide contingent solutions, regardless of the supply chain’s challenges.

A sustainable future

Our Promise

At the core of our business, we stand for objectivity and integrity. Our holistic approach guarantees excellence, from sourcing ingredients worldwide to crafting and delivering packaged products. Our commitment to fairness and industry expertise has made us trusted partners for both growers and customers.

Our Responsibility

As industry leaders, responsibility is woven into our DNA. We deeply understand the food landscape and the unique needs of our customers. This compels us to meticulously craft and execute processes, maintain stringent quality systems, hold food safety accreditations, operate a vendor assurance program, and engage in strategic contingency planning.