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About us

Since 1983, Maxwell Foods has been a global trader of exceptional fruit and nut products. Our journey has led us to expand our capabilities, becoming trusted partners for retailers and manufacturers, offering a diverse range of bulk and packaged private-label fruit and nut-based products.

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Cranberry and Almonds
Cranberry and Almonds

Our dedication has driven us to further invest upstream into vine fruit and apricot processing and downstream into manufacturing and R&D, with a primary focus on delivering high-quality, health-conscious, value-added products at budget-friendly prices for retailers.

We’re a dynamic, growth-focused enterprise with a strong emphasis on innovation, striving to create mutually rewarding collaborations.

Maxwell Foods is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with processing, production, packing, and innovation centres in Turkiye, Thailand, and Australia, along with offices in Europe, the USA and UK.


What sets us apart

Vertical Integration

From our farming co-operatives and joint-ventures in Turkiye (Apricots & Sultanas / Raisins) to our global partnerships, we handle everything – procurement, processing, manufacturing, packing, and distribution of the world’s finest natural foods.

This seamless integration provides peace of mind to our partners and consumers, ensuring consistent quality throughout the supply chain.

Global Reach

We operate globally and understand the unique characteristics of each market. This enables us to offer tailored solutions for every region.

With multiple plants worldwide, we guarantee uninterrupted supply, no matter the circumstances, ensuring our customers receive the products they need on time, every time.

Our Team

Our Team

We are a dedicated group with a wealth of experience in fruits, nuts, food manufacturing, packing, retailing and customer experience.

We take pride in our unique thinking, seamless teamwork, and our daily commitment to bringing delight to our customers through exceptional products and outstanding service.

Our focus

40 years experience sourcing of the highest quality products

Proud history of seeking out new sources of supply