After months of meticulous planning and negotiations, we are delighted to announce the grand opening of our processing plant in Manisa, Turkiye. This strategic location, in close proximity to our farming partners, grants us unprecedented access to the finest vine fruit and apricots in significant quantities. This positions us even more strongly to export top-quality dried fruits, both in bulk and directly to our cutting-edge packing facility in Izmir.

Sourcing fruit from the myriad of small growers often comes with inherent risks. To address this challenge and ensure top-tier quality and traceability for our valued customers, both in retail and wholesale, we’ve made a significant investment in the processing plant. This move streamlines our operations, providing assurance and control over the entire production process.

Feyyaz Bengi, General Manager of Operations in Turkey, said, ‘This strategic shift empowers us to assert control over our production, reducing our reliance on external factors. The result is not only an improvement in product quality but also enhanced cost control, offering a wider array of options for bulk sales and packaged product offerings. This evolution underlines our unwavering commitment to operational flexibility and customer confidence.’

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