In 2023, Maxwell Foods celebrates its 40th anniversary. We caught up with Founder and Chairman of the Board, Chris Spratt, and CEO, Buddy Kassoum, to reflect on the company’s journey and future in the world of Fruit, Nuts, and Healthy Snacking.

Originally, Maxwell Foods started as a bulk supplier of fruit and nut ingredients to food manufacturers. Over the years, it has evolved into a strategic partner for manufacturers and grocery retailers worldwide. From a single packing facility in Sydney, Australia, we now operate two facilities in Turkiye, a chocolate and snack manufacturing and packing facility in Thailand, and an expanded packing and distribution facility in Australia.

Procurement remains at the core of our operation. Chris Spratt notes, “Where there is drought in one place, there is a flood somewhere else.” This understanding led us to build a network of supply partners on all continents to ensure the continuity of quality supply.

Through these relationships, we have learned valuable lessons about sustainable crop growth.

Chris consistently questions the environmental cost of trying to cultivate crops in unsuitable regions. He recalls, “20 years ago, we tried to grow pomegranates in the Sahara, with the assistance of numerous chemicals. However, when we observed date palms growing naturally in the same area, it became clear that we needed to let Mother Nature take her course. Now, it’s one of the world’s highest yielding date regions.”

Buddy Kassoum has been with Maxwell Foods for over 15 years, witnessing the company’s growth into a strategic provider of dried fruit, nuts, and healthy snacks for retail. Over the past five years, he’s observed a growing demand for transparency and sustainability among consumers. The increasing focus on ESG is something Buddy welcomes and passionately believes in.

Both see the last 40 years as a period of evolution, bringing people closer to nature, working with it rather than against it, a focus they wholeheartedly embrace.

Looking ahead, we believe the future will be healthier, with a stronger focus on natural foods sourced through increasingly sustainable practices. The greatest challenge? Achieving this while maintaining affordability for consumers.